Art Rocks!

What do science, technology, engineering, and math have to do with art?


Graphic designers often use science and technology in their work.

Victoria is a Peruvian middle school student in Salt Lake City, Utah. Victoria loves art and fashion. When she started thinking about creating her video, she tried to think of ways that science, technology, engineering, and math might connect to her own interests. They seemed like such different things! Finally, Victoria learned just how much science and technology could be used in a career in graphic design and printmaking. For her piece, Victoria interviewed one of Salt Lake City’s most well-known artists—Leia Bell.

Activities/Things to Do

Find out for yourself! Check out these cool activities that blend science, technology, engineering, math, and art

Science and—film? What’s happening in these clips? Do you think you can create a story to go along with what you see? Click here.

Other Careers

Learn about other careers that involve science, technology, engineering, and math and are related to art!

Game designer

Game designers use computer programming skills to design and create video games.

Meet a game designer!

  • Read an interview with designer Vangie Beal.
  • Meet Nell, a 12-year-old game designer.
  • Sheri Graner Ray gives her take on the direction of the game designing industry.

Take a look at THIS!

  • Marcella Cabrera is a graphic artists who helps create computer games.
  • David Ortiz blends his love of football and computer science to create games for the Xbox. Check out David Ortiz here.

Try it yourself!

  • Create and design your own stories and games!

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Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers use engineering skills to design and program robots. Robots can be used to perform a specific task, to figure out how to get a computer to “think,” and many other functions. This job is a serious blend of computer science, engineering, and art.

Meet a robotics engineer!

Take a look at THIS!

Try it yourself!

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