Save the Whales!

How can science, technology, engineering, and math help us understand nature and the environment?


Aquarists use science to help take care of sea animals.

Sonia is in 7th grade, and she feels strongly about taking care of the earth and the environment. Sonia loves animals and is very concerned about their protection and welfare. For her piece, Sonia takes a trip to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to explore a career in marine biology with Michelle Sattler.

Activities/Things to Do

Find out for yourself! Check out these cool activities that help you learn more about how science, technology, engineering, and math can help nature and the environment!

Explore more about Michelle Sattler’s work at Shedd Aquarium.

Learn more about marine biology.

Other Careers

Learn about other careers that involve science, technology, engineering, and math and are related to nature and the environment!

Plasma Physicist

Plasma physicists study the fourth state of matter—plasma. They learn about its properties, and this helps us understand more about the natural world around us.

Meet a plasma physicist!

  • Claire Max is a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Learn more about her and what she does.

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Geoscientists study the earth, such as rocks, gems, and how land masses form and disappear. Ever wonder how islands came about? Or what causes earthquakes or volcanoes? What about mining and energy? Geoscientists probably have the answers!

Meet a geoscientist!

  • Vicky Cowart is a geologist for the state of Colorado. Learn more about her work.
  • What does a petroleum geologist do? Susan Landon explains.
  • Debra Williams lives in Austin, Texas, and uses her geology skills to work as an environmental quality specialist.

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  • Ever wonder about volcanoes? Karin Block studies them for a living! Check out Karin Block here.  
  • Elizabeth Arrendondo knows a lot about gems. Check out Elizabeth Arredondo here.

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