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What science, technology, engineering, and math jobs let you get outside and explore the world?


Forensic science requires a knowledge of math and science to solve crimes and gather evidence for cases

Yanelly has always enjoyed science and math. She was curious to learn more about forensic detectives and how they really use science and math in their daily jobs. In her video, Yanelly took a tour of the crime lab at the West Valley City Police Department, and she learned all about crime scene investigation by interviewing Nicole Davis.

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Other Careers

Learn about other careers that involve science, technology, engineering, and math and are related to working out in the world!

Atmospheric Scientist

Atmospheric scientists (meteorologists) study the earth’s atmosphere and the weather patterns that are produced and move all over the earth.

Meet an atmospheric scientist!

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  • Jason Dunion chases hurricanes for a living! Check out Jason Dunion here.
  • Howie Bluestein is a professor who studies hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe storms. Check out Howie Bluestein here.
  • Jane Huff works as a meteorologist on NBC in New York and MSNBC on cable. Check out Jane Huff here.

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Civil Engineer

Civil engineers design structures such as buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels, dams, and much more. They need to think about how to make sure these structures survive weather and time and how to make them safe for everyone to use.

Meet a civil engineer!

  • Learn about Barb’s journey to becoming a civil engineer.
  • Susan Knack is a civil engineer who works with building structures. Read an interview with her.
  • Meet Cheeta Soga, a civil engineer whose work is linked with the environment.
  • Oksana Wall uses her civil engineering skills while working for Disney.

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  • Erin Fletcher designs bridges and barriers that reduce traffic noise.

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  • Be a civil engineer! Try your hand at a civil engineering challenge.

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  • What do civil engineers do, and how can I become one? Click here.
  • Learn about the education and experience needed to become a civil engineer.