Videos, games, and fun activities about cool careers that use math and science, created by young people—just like you!

Healthy Me! I'm a People Person Around the World! Save the Whales! Art Rocks! Feed Me!

Do you want to learn about fun and interesting careers? Ever wonder how much training and experience it takes to get certain jobs? Are you curious about things like engineering and technology?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

What interests you? Being healthy? The environment? Having a job that lets you explore the world? Begin your journey now. Click on any one of the Bubbles above that interests you!

What is GC3? The GC3 project helped middle school aged girls create videos about math and science careers. Watch the videos they created. Then try some online activities and games that will help you discover all kinds of other careers that use science and math. You might be surprised at what you find!

Are you an educator? Learn more about the Girls Communicating Career Connections (GC3) multimedia series, and how to use it in your work, by clicking on More Info for Educators.

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